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Alpaca Fabric

In Cusco Stores Alpaca Fabric is simply an amazing detail!. Our alpaca wool fabric is a variety of colors to the choose. available in different kind as: suri alpaca wool fabric, 70% in baby alpaca with 30% wool, 100% baby alpaca wool fabric, 100% alpaca wool fabric, in natural and dyed colors.

MAKE CLICK in your prefered Alpaca Fabric for enlarge the photo and get more details. The Price includes the shipping cost. Buy them safety in our On-line store.


These Fabric is made in mixed baby alpaca with sheep wool Pure Baby Alpaca Fabrics are made in finest baby alpaca wool This Alpaca Suri Fabric is perfect for make any coats Our Pure Alpaca Fabric are made with machine with alpaca wool
70% Baby Alpaca 30% Wool Fabric 100% Baby Alpaca Fabrics Alpaca Suri Fabric 100% Alpaca Fabric
Baby Alpaca Fabric is made in fine baby alpaca wool Alpaca Suri Fabrics are extremelly softness and luxury    
Baby Alpaca Fabric Alpaca Suri Fabrics