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Alpaca Hide Skin

Alpaca Hide, Baby Alpaca Skin, Alpaca Hides Skins, Alpaca Tanned Hide, Alpaca Leather... Sheer indulgence! These Alpaca hide skins are hand stitched from real, un-dyed and dyed Alpaca hides. So fluffy, warm and comfortable that you will not want to take them off!

we're offering hides in differents qualiities as: baby huacayo, baby suri, young huacayo and adult huacayo tanned.

Important: The Alpaca is not killed to get his fur; all pelts are from animals that have died a natural death.  There is a very simple economic reason for this: the Alpaca is too valuable for it's wool. We are alpaca lovers.

MAKE CLICK in your prefered Alpaca Taned Hide for enlarge the photo and more details. The Price is included the shipping cost. Buy them safety in this On-line store.


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Alpaca Hide Baby Alpaca Hides Baby Alpaca Skins Baby Alpaca Hide Skin
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Baby Llama Skin Baby Alpaca Suri Hides