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Peruvian Gourds

Peruvian Gourds, Gourds Carved and Painted are carved by men, women, and children aged 10 to 60. Often the only source of economic income for the artisans of Cusco carving therefore becomes the focal point for the entire family. From a very young age, children are taught by their parents to carve ancestral designs.

Amazing collector's gourd in different sizes, shapes and colors. There is not one inch of these gourds that doesn't have artwork on them.

The Artisans take months to complete each of these unique and one of a kind gourds. Simply amazing detail! Available in many sizes, designs carved and painted.

MAKE CLICK in your prefered Gourd for enlarge the photo and more details. The Price is included the shipping cost. Buy them safety in this On-line store.



Our retail prices can seem expensive. unfortunatelly the shipping cost in many cases is 100% more than the price itself, if you plan to buy USD 250.00 or more you are welcome to visit us on: We offer you these retail prices and you can pay us through paypal. If you want more details email us


Peruvian Gourds Gourds Carved< Peruvian Gourd Gourds Carved
Peruvian Gourds Gourds Carved Peruvian Gourd Gourd Carved
Peruvian Gourds Handme Gourds Handmade Gourd Carved Gourd
Peruvian Gourds Handmade Gourds Handmade Gourd Carved Gourd
Gourds Peru Gourds Painting Gourd Carved Gourd
Gourds Peruvian Gourds Paint Gourd Carved Gourd
Peruvian Gourds Carving Gourds Handmade Gourds Hand Made Gourd
Peruvian Gourds Carving Gourds Handmade Gourds Hand Made Gourd
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