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Alpaca Products Manufacturer Company

Alpaca Fur Hat, Fur Slippers, fur coats, fur jackets, fur scarf, fur vest, fur handbag, fur stoles and accessories with the finer details in its manufacture, we also offer clothing made in alpaca wool: sweaters, jackets, cardigans, hats chullos, pashminas shawls, scarves, gloves, mittens, socks, capes, ponchos and more...alpaca fur home decor: fur rugs, fur bedspread, fur cushion cover, fur pillow cases and a lot of fur accessory....alpaca fur gift: teddy bears, stuffed plush animals etc..

Cusco Stores SRL is a peruvian company formed by local craftsmen who have the necessary experience and expertise allow us to offer our customers the best products made with 100% alpaca natural.

We are sure to meet your needs in terms of quality and best prices in all ou alpaca products and apparel catalog, we have specialized in the manufacture of alpaca clothing and garments, alpaca fine handicrafts, home accessories, toys made from wool and alpaca fur baby of the highest quality. All our products are made ​​of the finest materials and we offer free shipping, our craftsmen have been trained and have the proper training to ensure that our final products have international quality standards.

Our catalog offers you home-made products among the most prominent are: fur bedspreads, baby alpaca fur rugs, carpets suri, adult fur rug, fur pillows, fur cushions, baby alpaca blankets, yarns, skins hides, wool fleece and throws.

So our wide range of products extends to the supply of toys and gifts made in the finest alpaca skin both as alpaca wool, delicate pieces such as teddy bears, stuffed plush toys.

Thank you for choosing Cusco Stores SRL

And thank you for partnering with us in our mission.


We are a very serious company, please take care of some companies that offer 100% baby alpaca in their catalogs and when you got it the products what you receive are low quality alpaca blended. Because We're the only Peruvian Alpaca Manufacturer Company of Alpaca Products. All our competitors are Traders online companies that are offering right now to low prices below to production costs that's just a cheat or fraud. for that before to purchase your fine alpaca products ask about the history of the companies that you have interest so do not be disappointed in the quality of your products. Because always cheaper in the long run is expensive. Thank you for your interest in our Wholesale Alpaca products.


Cusco Stores SRL practices Fair Trade by:

  • Paying a fair price, a living wage for the local community.
  • Providing equal employment opportunities for all people mainly women and young students.
  • Engaging in environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Building long-term trade relationships with the producers and partners.
  • Not allowing forced labor or exploitative child labor
  • Offering financial and technical assistance to producers whenever possible.

Primarily women in developing cities produce our products 40% of all craff artisans are women and young students (We work together in their spare time). Yet still be able to maintain their traditional lifestyles with dignity. 

Please visit our catalogue then you only need to browse among our main products of alpaca, see details and purchase we have prepared the easier way to buy our products from our online store.

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Fur Coats are handmade by Skilled ArtisansThese Soft and Warm mittens are handmade in baby alpaca furFur Hats handmade by skilled artisans in baby alpaca skinThese Fashion Alpaca Fur Handbags are handmade by skilled artisansOur Alpaca With Fur Trim Clothing are made in fabric with baby alpaca fur as trimFur Jackets handmade by Cusco Stores in Baby Alpaca FurOur Peruvian Alpaca Hats Chullos are handmade by skilled Cusco Stores artisansHouse Fur Slippers are softness and warmth handmade in Baby Alpaca FurAlpaca With Fur Trim Cardigans are sepecial fashion clothingThese Jackets are made in machine with hand finished in alpaca woolFur Stoles and Scarves are handmade by Cusco Stores ArtisansThese softness and warm Fur Vests are special for winter seasonOur Alpaca Shawls Pashminas are made in machine with hand finished with fine baby alpaca woolThese Alpaca Sweaters are made in machine with hand finishedThese Wool Cardigans are softness and warmth special for winter seasonThese Alpaca Wool Ponchos are made in fabric and yarn of baby alpacaFine Scarves are machine and hand in baby alpaca woolThese Mittens are handmade by skilled artisans in alpaca woolThese capes and ruanas are made in machine with hand finished in special baby alpaca fabric and yarnOur softness and warmth Gloves are handmade in fine alpaca woolOur Children's Apparel mainly are handmade by skilled Cusco Stores artisansThese Apparel Set are made in finest baby alpaca fabric, Fur and Yarn or mixed with themThese Suri Carpets are handmade by skilled artisans in baby alpaca suri fursThese Softness and Warmth Socks are made alpaca woolThese fine fur bedspreads are handmade by skilled artisans in baby alpaca furThese Stuffed Plush Toys are handmade by skilled furrier artisans in baby alpaca fursThese adorable Teddy Bears are handmade in baby alpaca fur, special gift for christmas, mother dayThese blankets are made in machine in baby alpaca and mixed with others fine woolOur Baby Alpaca Fur Rugs are handmade in softness raw material, avaible a lot of rugsThese Alpaca Fur Rug are handmade by skilled Cusco Stores artisans in alpaca huacaya furThese Baby Alpaca Throws are made in machine are soft and warmth, special for travelThese Wool Bracelets are handmade in andean cloth and leatherOur Fabric are made in baby alpaca wool and there are differents qualities to the chooseOur Offer are alpaca Hides Skins in differents qualities and colors dyed or naturalThese Yarns are made in machine differents kind of alpaca woolThese Alpaca Wool Fleece are produced by Cusco Stores in PeruOur Tablecloth are made in machine in andean wool, available differents colors and sizesThese Peruvian Copper Gift are handmade in andean metalThese Andean Dolls are handmade by skilled Women artisans in andean clothThese Andean Ceramic Objects are handmade by skilled artisans and available differents objects specially for the homeThese Musical Instruments are handmade in special wood and bambooOur Andean Key Rings are handmade by skilled Cusco Stores SRL artisansThese Stone Items are handmade by skilled artisans, available differents decor objectsThese Andean Jewelry are handmade by skilled artisans with silver 950 and 925These Andean Gifts & Ornaments are handmade by skilled women artisans in differents raw materialThese Andean Silver Objects are handmade in silver 950 and 925 qualityThese Embroidery Belts are handmade in fine special merino sheel wool These Wool Travelbags are handmade in merino sheep wool and alpacaThese Andean Pipes are handmade by skilled artisansThese T-Shirts are made in finest peruvian cotton called PimaOur Alpaca Fur Pillows are handmade by skilled furrier Cusco Stores SRL artisansThese Wallets are handmade by skilled women artisans in different andean raw materialThese Hide Skins Products are handmade and are special giftsThese Tapestries are handmade in fine merino sheep wool and alpaca, differents sizes and colorsOur Cotton Apparel are made in machine with hand finished in special pima cottonThese Wool Cushions are handmade in special merino sheep woolOur Peruvian Gourds are handmade by skilled artisans, there are differents objects special for giftsThese Fur Cushions are handmade by skilled Cusco Stores artisans in fine baby alpaca furThese Andean Wool Handbags are handmade by skilled women artisansOur Finger Puppets are handmade by skilled artisans in special merino sheep woolThese Chess Set Games are handmade by skilled artisans in stone, pottery and woodThese Soft and Warm mittens are handmade in baby alpaca fur

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